About MAAP

MAAP (Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project) is a project of Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) and Conservación Amazónica (ACCA).

The MAAP web portal, launched in April 2015, is dedicated to presenting original analysis related to the exciting and dynamic new field of near real-time deforestation monitoring. The geographic focus of MAAP is the Andean Amazon, with an initial emphasis on Peru.

MAAP has two primary objectives: 1) Utilize the best available technology in order to better understand patterns, hotspots, and drivers of deforestation in near real-time in the Andean Amazon, and 2) Distribute this technical information in a timely, accessible, and user-friendly manner to our audience of policy makers, civil society, journalists, researchers, and the public at large. We hope the end result is improved policy and reduced deforestation.

Given that the field of near real-time deforestation monitoring is young and dynamic, the MAAP methodology changes over time to incorporate the latest technology. Currently, the methodology combines evaluation of Landsat-based early warning forest loss GLAD alerts with analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery (Planet and Digital Globe) to identify key patterns, hotspots, and drivers of deforestation in near real-time. See the Methodology page for more details.

MAAP articles are of two general types: 1) Case studies of specific deforestation events, and 2) Synthesis reports that build off of the case studies to better understand larger-scale patterns. These articles are organized by development Sectors, such as gold mining, agriculture (especially oil palm and cacao), logging, roads, and hydroelectric dams. We aim to publish a new article every one to two weeks. Prior to publication, all articles are submitted to review by a collection of Peruvian NGOs belonging to the Articulación Regional Amazónica (ARA).

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To contact MAAP or to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to our email list for updates whenever we post new material please write to: maap@amazonconservation.org


MAAP applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to all works we publish. Under this license, MAAP retains ownership of the material, but so long as MAAP is cited as the original source,  anyone is allowed to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and/or copy content. No permission is required from MAAP. Please scroll to the end of each individual article to see the recommended citation.


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