MAAP #147: Amazon Deforestation Hotspots 2021 (1st Look)

We present a first look at the major deforestation hotspots across all nine countries of the Amazon in 2021 (as of September 18).* The Base Map illustrates several key findings thus far in 2021:p We estimate the loss of over 860,000 hectares (2.1 million acres) of primary forest loss across the nine countries of the Amazon. p Amazon deforestation has been concentrated in three countries: Brazil (79%), Peru (7%), Colombia (6%). p The vast majority of deforestation (79%) occurred in the Brazilian Amazon, where massive hotspots stretched across the major road networks. Many of these areas were also burned following the deforestation. p There continues to … Continue reading MAAP #147: Amazon Deforestation Hotspots 2021 (1st Look)